Australian MRI-Linac Exclusive Preview

Images of The Ingham Institute and Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre in South Western Sydney, home of the Australian MRI-Linac, a state of the art cancer research technology that couples an MRI with a Linear Accelerator to improve the precision and accuracy of radiotherapy. One of only four such initiatives in the world, this real time MRI guided treatment unit is part of our research and clinical development which includes our MRI-Simulator at Liverpool Hospital. 

The Australian MRI-Linac team acquired the first beam-on image on the system on 17 February. This is a significant milestone in the project with the next stages being human imaging and first patient treatment.  There will be a tour of the site on the last day of the Symposium- but space is limited and will offered on a strictly first come first served basis. You can sign up for the tour as part of your registration.

The technical tour on the last day of the meeting, will involve visiting Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre and the Ingham Institute Research bunker which houses the Australian MRI-Linac. There will also be an opportunity to the see our clinical 3T scanner in the department which has been used in RT planning for 4 years. Staff will be available to answer questions and demonstrate practical RF coil and patient set up.

Photo taken just inside the bunker entrance showing the Linear accelerator on its moving platform and at its furthest position from the magnet. The equipment is currently set-up for in-line beam-field investigations. A service panel has been removed from the RF cage wall through which the end of the magnet can be seen.

Photo from inside the RF cage showing the proximity of the split bore magnet to the cage wall.

Photo taken from the other side showing the second opening into the magnet room- this will allow parallel beam-field investigations.

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